2024 4th International Conference on 
Biomedical Engineering, Health Care and Disease Prevention
May 18-19, 2024
Chicago, USA

The detail conference venue information will be available about two weeks before the opening of the conference.

About Chicago

As the cultural and commercial center of the American Midwest, Chicago attracts large numbers of leisure and business travelers, and has attractions to suit all types of people. When you come to Chicago, you must visit the top-notch museums here, many of which are world-renowned, and each is worth taking the time to explore. Another charm of Chicago comes from architecture. Walking in the urban area, you can see the works of many world-renowned architects, and even laymen will be impressed by those ingenious designs. Beyond that, to really get a feel for the city's spirit, take a trip to the shores of Lake Michigan and the many public parks that surround it, join the locals' carnival, and immerse yourself in it.

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